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A trusted partner for leading event organisations. Providing advanced end-to-end ticketing technology.

Supporting you and your customers through the entire process from event creation to on-site guest list and ticket admissions.


Hassle-free ticket buying experience.

Sell tickets anywhere - give your guests the most convenient event ticket purchasing process available. Responsive event pages and Facebook ticketing make it fast and simple to buy on any device.

Don’t miss out on potential ticket sales from customers on mobile devices, which account for up to two-thirds of the traffic to your pages.

From event directions to checkout completion, everything about our event pages are responsive. Provide an attractive, straightforward ticket buying experience no matter how your customers browse.

Includes 100% PCI compliant SSL encryption including 3D payment processing verification.





Fully featured secure ticket shops - branded and seamlessly embedded within your website. Includes 100% mobile friendly browsing, giving your customers a superior purchasing process.





Flexible ticket delivery

Printable e-tickets - include full colour event images and optional sponsor strips.

Paperless mobile tickets - fully responsive mobile tickets. Customers simply access their tickets via their smart phones and present for scanning upon entry.

• Standard delivery tickets processed and dispatched via recorded courier delivery.

• All tickets issued with a unique, non-sequential secure QR reference.

• Duplication is not possible - once tickets are scanned they cannot be used again.




FACEBOOK TICKET SHOP - simple 1 click integration.

Customers purchase directly from your Facebook fan page via a 'BUY TICKETS' tab.

Shop maintains the look and feel of your event listings with all event updates synced in real time.




Create Social Incentives

Share | Attend | Tweet |

Offer your customers discounts when they share, attend or tweet about your event enhancing your social outreach. Set a cap so you stay within budget. 






With one click you can opt for a complete event or individual ticket to be hidden from all listings.

Once selected, a unique unlock link is automatically generated which can be distributed to selected customers.




We understand the value of Facebook attendee lists to drive interest for your forthcoming events, so why not offer your customers discounted tickets in return for a simple ‘I’m attending'.


Ticket Name Change

Allow your customers to securely change ticket name directly from their MY TICKETS area.




Notify Me When Tickets Are Available

Gauge additional demand with our simple customer NOTIFY ME email service.





Customer Messaging Service

Instantly keep your ticket holders updated via our integrated messaging service.




Upsell Event Offers

Create and display event specific promotions and discounts during the ticket purchase process, giving your event offers maximim targeted exposure at the point of purchase.





Ticket Bundles

A powerful sales tool that allows you to quickly create and offer both standard discount codes or advanced ticket bundles based on specific purchases.



Social media incentives

Accelerated sales via social media incentives

• Customers can promote an event on your behalf by sharing via Facebook &Twitter.

• Customers are encouraged to share events via social media in return for discounts on ticket prices.




Client Dashboard

View current / past events as daily, weekly or monthly sales reports.

Simple event creation / update tools, have your events up and running in minutes.

Mobile friendly monitoring tools for sales trends and real time event specific sales report creation.



Ticket Scanners & Access Control  

Keep the lines moving with fast ticket scanning.

Slow admissions can create crowded, frustrated lines - help your staff move faster with our free iOS ticket scanner app, QIQ. Install the app on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to turn the devices into fully functional ticket scanners, complete with search function to look up customers on the fly, duplicate ticket detection and built-in feature rich guest list features.

Barcode ticket scanning - Scanning can be done using our iPhone scanning app or by using dedicated wireless scanners for larger scale events. This will prevent duplicate or fake tickets

Manage all 3rd party ticket vendors - If you use additional ticketing vendors you can also upload this data and admit all your ticket holders and guest list from one place.



Advanced integration

• Secure website sub-domain seamlessly integrated within your existing site.

• Your own html template ensures consistency between your website and our integrated ticket page.

• API integration gives you complete control over where your event information is displayed within your site.

• Hosted on our dedicated, secure servers ensuring the highest levels of security.


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