Introducing Ticket Tannoy’s Resale feature: we’re helping customers to safely sell unwanted tickets to new buyers and receive a full refund of the amount they paid.

If you can no longer attend an event but don’t want to waste your ticket, or if you’re looking for tickets to a sold-out show, read on… you’re going to like this.

How does it work for sellers?

If Resale is available for the event you’ve bought tickets to, you’ll be able to offer your ticket to other buyers from within your Ticket Tannoy account. If another buyer is found, you’ll receive credit on your Ticket Tannoy account to the value of the full amount that you paid for the ticket. You can then decide whether you want to withdraw this credit into your bank account, or spend it on another ticket. There are no restrictions on where you can spend your credit. When you offer a ticket for resale, your original ticket is returned to us and is destroyed. A brand-new ticket with a new barcode is issued in its place to the new buyer, who pays no more than the current selling price.


  • No risk of being ripped off – you will definitely receive your refund if a buyer is found
  • You’re free to change your mind and retrieve your tickets if they haven’t been re-sold
  • It’s free to resell your tickets

How does it work for buyers?

If the event you desperately want to go to is sold out, there is hope! Enter your email address into the data box on the event page and click the button ‘Notify me when tickets are available’. When a resale ticket becomes available, you’ll receive an email notification and a link to the event page, but be quick! It’s first come, first served. You can opt out of receiving notifications at any time. Buying a resale ticket is the same as buying any other ticket – you’ll receive a completely new ticket with a new barcode that can be downloaded at any time from inside your Ticket Tannoy account.


  • You’ll pay a fair price – say goodbye to massively inflated second hand prices
  • Guarantee that your ticket isn’t fake and has a unique barcode
  • It&rasuo;s easy – just sign up for notifications and wait to receive them. No more endless checking of ticket sites.


This policy sets out the terms of use of our Resale feature and withdrawing credit.


Everything you need to know about returning unwanted tickets.