Fort Punta Cristo is one of the most stunning festival locations on the entire planet. It really is the feather in Dimension’s cap. Coupled with astute electronic music programming, it might just be the pick of all the European festivals.

Festival organisers have assimilated ten stages into the features that occupy the fortress’ grounds. One of the most unusual is the 19th Century’s Austro-Hungarian’s The Moat - creating a festival experience unlike anywhere else. The deep trench circles the raised citadel. It is one of many arenas you will only find at this special destination.

On Thursday 30th August, трип host their own stage at the 2018 edition of Dimensions festival. Nina Kraviz’s burgeoning techno imprint opens The Moat. Nina is joined by Bjarki, K-HAND, Volruptus and Imogen.

Last week трип celebrated their 20th release with a double LP compilation featuring an assortment of producers from the label’s short history and newcomers. Some of the names featured include Bjarki, Biogen and Nina herself. Notably, Aphex Twin’s Richard D. James makes a contribution under his Universal Indicator alias.

Like previous releases on трип, the ten tracks form a concept album. Excitingly, there are many different strands of techno featured, including ambient (Roma Zuckerman’s Zero), gabber (DEKA’s Pearl), several 90s-inspired rave throwbacks and acid techno (15c7). Despite the varying moods and tempos, each track each track can be mixed seamlessly with the next, creating multiple variations. Each individual track charts it’s own trip but “presented together form a sonic soundscape.”

Preview the release below:

With music like the above and Nina’s vast record collection on offer, The Moat is the arena to be at on Dimension’s Thursday night.

Third release tickets are on sale now.



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