On Saturday 28th October Drumcode Halloween returns to Tobacco Dock for the fourth year with their biggest line up to date featuring; Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, Dense & Pika, Levon Vincent and Enrico Sangiuliano to name a few. We caught up with Enrico in an exclusive interview ahead of Saturdays show..


What’s your favourite holiday destination in Italy?

There are so many beautiful places I’ve never seen, even in my own country. For now, it has been Sardinia! I love that place. Every part of the island. Magical sea and beaches, nature, unique culture, food and super nice people.


If you could pick one Italian dish, what would it be?

Today Pizza Marinara (tomato, basil, garlic)! Tomorrow Parmesan with Balsamic vinegar. The next day Pasta with Pesto probably. I love any good Italian local food culture so much.


Who were/are your Italian musical influences? 

Mauro Picotto, Gabry Fasano, Paolo Kighine, Francesco Farfa are some of the names which contributed massively to shape the club culture in my country and also around the world through DJ’ing, Producing, owning record labels and record shops. They influenced me a lot and still do.


What’s your favourite city to play in Italy and why?

Reggio Emilia ‘cause I was born there! It’s actually been a long time since I have played there.


What’s your most memorable DJ set been in Italy to date?

Florence, 2003, Jaiss Club. Adam Beyer’s debut in Italy.


Who is your favourite Italian producer right now?

There’s an interesting emerging generation happening right now, but they’re not yet ready to be named my favourite. So for now, my golden list is pretty established: Luigi Madonna, Roberto Capuano, Sam Paganini.


Do you have any upcoming releases in the near future?

Nothing for now, doing research in the studio and let’s see what happens!


If you had to recommend one party in Italy, what would it be?

Terraforma Festival in Milan. From Jazz to Techno. I usually always make sure I have that weekend free so that I can go and experience it.


Do you have any other exciting shows lined up with the Drumcode family?

Yeah many! Halloween Party at Tobacco Dock this weekend, followed by the WHP in Manchester, La Fabrica in Cordoba, Mandarine Park in Buenos Aires! It’s gonna be huge down there in Argentina, and my first South American tour!


Can we expect a Halloween inspired set from you at the Drumcode Halloween event?

Of course! Theremins, Hitchcock movies samples, wolves, screams, chains and ghosts. (I’m joking – but wouldn't that be fun?)



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