Spanish Party Spirit

What the Spanish lack in efficiency, they make up for in effervescence. They are the most sprightly, joyous and just plain raucous people you could ask for at a party and elrow is a Spanish fiesta, born and bred. With more fiestas, holidays and parades than any other nation in history, the Spanish have been celebrating for centuries, with everyone involved from the age of nine months to ninety. Practice makes perfect!

Escape to another world

Remember the balloons your mum would tie to your post box to make sure you were already embarrassed before your 16th birthday party had even started? Or the strings of tinsel at Christmas that would slowly come unstuck and flop down the back of the couch like something slowly dying? Forget those dark days. Imagine walking into a room covered in vines and flowers from floor to ceiling, or finding yourself in a great sea net along with giant clams and turtles with an ocean of blue above, or facing a great temple of tibet with glowing candles at every tier… forget ‘decorations’ - you walk into elrow, you walk into another world.

The colourful characters

So the standard dance floor set up you can expect is clubbers, DJs and maybe some professional dancers if you’re super-clubbing it. Elrow add something else into the mix: prepare to mingle with some maniacs. The elrow character team is an eccentric bunch of costumed, stilted, acrobatic legends, who will commit to their ‘character’ for the night without fail. Mingling amongst the dance floor they interact with ravers in weird and wonderful ways. And don’t worry - there is absolutely nothing awkward about it. These guys are just like you, plus face paint.

The a-list spinners

Elrow has long-since made a name for itself as one of the most fun parties on the entire planet, and these days headliner DJs are truly clamouring for a slot at any one of its global outposts. Once a haven for bouncy european tech-house alone, elrow has branched out and now pulls in top-tier DJs with much greater diversity of dance music. Names who have crossed or are set to cross the Ibiza stage for example include Seth Troxler, DJ Harvey, Kölsch, Steve Lawler, Ralph Lawson, Eats Everything, Groove Armada and Ellen Allien, to name but a juicy handful.

The community

Last but not least, all of the above elements combine to make elrow one of the friendliest and most inclusive dance floors on the planet. It’s famous inflatable drop (where, come 5am, the dance floor is suddenly rained upon by hundreds of inflatable nimals, rubber rings, ridiculous hats and cheeky props) is an instant unifier. Want to make a new friend? Swap a sombrero for a top hat! Need an excuse to talk to that cute girl? Blow bubbles in her face, she’ll love it. You get the conventional rave customs of making appreciative bass faces at all the music loving ravers around you, it’s just that much more fun with a giant purple octopus on your head.

Jordan Rahlia