He’s pushing a UK garage revival at home and abroad.

Anything that gets that bouncing garage groove back onto our dance floors is welcomed by us. Though considered a pop and rnb artist internationally, everyone home in blighty knows Craig David’s roots are firmly in garage and this time around he seems to be keeping that at the forefront.

His serious freestyle skills

By now we’ve all seen the video below of our man David throwing it down over Jack U’s Where Are You Now, reminding us that give the guy a mic and some leeway and he’ll show you he’s more than just a pretty face and washboard abs (seriously, have you seen them?).

Classic sing-a-longs

All this fresh Craig David hype is making it perfectly acceptable to smash the old classics and full volume - we trust you still remember all the words right? Fill Me In, Rewind, & Days, Walking Away… it’s been nostalgia central belting out these hits.

A positive tale

For someone so successful, Craig David’s not had the easiest run of things in the public eye, and after his latest album, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, didn’t strike the chord he had hoped, he went quiet on us and it seemed like that might be that. But, in the ultimate bounce back, David is back in the game, with positive messages to share (just check his socials) and an openly zen attitude to whatever may come next.

The Ibiza residency

Ibiza Rocks will play host to the star for a couple of hot summer months as he turns his TS5 parties into raging balearic pool parties. Quite apart from how sweet the party will be in itself, it’s a positive sign for Ibiza as TS5 is one of many recent parties to help broadens the island’s musical offerings beyond house, techno and EDM.

A new album to love

He’s not just here to be a nostalgia act - this revival is bringing with it fresh new tunes in the form of an album which is due to hit our hears some time next year. Bring it.

Presumably some new press shots to kick this unfortunate idea* out of our consciousness. ‘Nuff said, really.

Jordan Rahlia