Labelled by Mixmag as “One of London’s most exciting underground raves…” is testament to just how far Rhythmatic have evolved as one of the most trusted promotors on the circuit. And with the likes of Marco Carola mentioning one of his favourites parties in 2011, and muttering that in the same sentence as Amnesia in Ibiza, you know it’s something special.

As Rhythmatic has reached 7 years in the Capital of true to the bone, music focused parties, they have become the go-to London event for house and techno’ s risings star. Simultaneously they have bought in some of the scenes biggest players having already welcomed the likes of Carl Cox, Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squallice, Premiesku, Onur Ozer, Margaret Dygas, Mara Trax and more to their events.

Rhythmatic strictly pursues an ethos towards cutting edge music, genre-bending and an open-minded attitude which will make them perfect hosts for room 2 at Cocoon. Each event Rhythmatic drives towards achieving versatility and steers away from following the obvious trends, by booking guest such as DJ Three, Nastia, Thomas Melchior, Fumiya Tanaka, Boris Werner, San Proper, Luca Bacchetti, Julian Perez and Barac who can offer something completely diverse to their audience.

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POPOF @ INOX club opening 01-12-2012. Popof will be joining rhythmaic in Room 2 on the 22 Nov for rhythmatic meets Cocoon at Building 6.