Software engineer Vincent Riemer has designed realistic versions of Roland’s iconic TR-808 drum machine that you can use at home in your browser.

Whilst there have been various previous attempts, this one is perhaps the most realistic yet.

He says of the TR-808 version: “As an amateur/bedroom music producer I've always been fascinated with the impact and history of the TR-808. While trying to learn the new Web Audio API I attempted to try and recreate a few of the sounds by referencing the Sound on Sound Synth Secrets series and the block diagrams of the 808 itself. It became addicting and once I had most of the sounds done, I figured recreating the interface/functionality was the next logical step.”

The in-browser sequencers copy the appearance of the original piece of hardware, with all elements in the correct position.

Riemer acknowledges - “A side effect of this is while I got the sounds fairly close to the original hardware, there's still a lot of room for improvement.”

We think you’ll still have a blast using it. Have a go HERE.  

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