Bristol’s do it yourself mentality has helped harness a great music scene, that’s allowed a lot of great bands, DJs, singers, musicians and more to flourish out west. Futureboogie are an aim that instantly springs to mind when we think of Bristol, and they have been monumental in the house / party scene for the last decade. We caught up with their infamous resident DJs to tell us about the best things to do in their city, and local sayings that you might here down the pub.

Best places to eat?

There’s loads of great places to eat in Bristol, some of my faves: Bell’s Diner on Picton St is brilliant, The Ox in the centre is the one for steak, great spot, Rice and Things for Jamaican – and have to mention our place the Love Inn on Stokes Croft – we’ve got StoveMonkey’s Smoke House in the kitchen and they are smashing it at the moment with smoked meats and all sorts, including their killer roast on a Sunday.

Regional delicacies? Local beers?
Cider! There’s several good local breweries and more popping up all the time. One of my favourites is Wiper and True, based in St Werburghs – they do so me great doing some really great ales.

Local slang/phrases you wouldn’t know unless you’ve lived in Bristol?

Where’s that to?!

Right on drive!

Alright me babber

Doggin ‘er up

Any local characters that you get to know being a Bristolian?
There’s a lot round our way, try taking a wander down Stokes Croft for a good selection.

What’s it like in town when it’s St.Pauls carnival?
Lively, everywhere – absolutely brilliant day all round and the vibe down there is amazing – well worth the trip for anyone who hasn’t made it before.

LSTD has grown into one of the most loved smaller festivals in the UK. How have you guys been involved with this?
Well, that’s really good to hear as I’m actually one of the directors – so I’ve been involved in everything really, from the bookings, to the portaloos to the name itself. With my Futureboogie hat on, we have done a stage every year and it’s always great to be involved. We’ve got a cracking line up coming for 2015 so keep an eye out for that.

The park that everyone has their first bottle of Lambrini/glens vodka?
St Andrews Park

Favourite pubs?
The Pipe & Slippers is number one but lots of good ones around, don’t get in as many as I’d like to these days but the Duke Of York in St Werburghs, The Plough in Easton, Cat & Wheel on their karaoke nights is pretty special – and special mention to the Beaufort on Picton St, go on girls!

Favourite venues?
I’ll be honest we are lacking a good range of venues in the city right at the moment – Motion is great for a big night out but we do seem to be missing out on a good mid size club at the moment – if anyone fancies getting one together that would be great! The courts are good, old courts and police cells that have been turned into a venue – then also gotta mention the Love Inn again, we’ve only been open about 10 months but already seen the likes of Neneh Cherry, Bonobo, Eats Everything, DJ Nature, Crazy P, Jackmaster come join us for a play and lots more exciting stuff coming up.

Good shops / markets?
Cooshti on Park St and Five Points for trainers, St Nick’s Market & Gloucester Rd, the longest street of independents shops in the UK is great for food.

Record shops?
Idle Hands are still flying the flag for new records in Bristol, a great shop, Chris who runs it is a top lad who is still at the coal face when many others have fallen by the wayside – always got a good selection in the shop and online, well worth checking out. There’s also Elevator Sound in the back where you can buy all the kit to make the music. Others worth a mention are Payback and Wanted, run by Jon Stapleton, bit of a local legend and musical encyclopaedia – and Plastic Wax on Gloucester Rd for digging – try and get out into the secret room at the back…

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