We caught up with the team behind the world’s biggest boat party, Pukka Up for a quick chat abut their events, what they’ve been up to, where they’ve been and what the future holds.

So guys, tell us a little bit about Pukka Up, where the name came from and how the concept came together?

It all started 13 years ago when the Director of Pukka Up, Mark Graham was on tour with Lisa Lashes further to an interesting first season in Ibiza, after touring the country with her he got an idea of how tour parties work and came up with the fun, flirtatious and feel good concept of Pukka Up

Tell us a bit about your two London parties that you have coming up in August and October… what can we expect to see, hear, experience at these?

Our London events always have an Ibiza feel to them but are also about showcasing the talent of the guys that are coming up through our Record Label, which is headed up by our Record label Director Mark Robinson. Our August event is at one of our flagship venues, McQueen in Shoreditch and is aways a truly fantastic night with some of the highest quality house music. Our October party is our annual reunion event which is always further to a hugely successful Ibiza season and kicks off with a boat party on the Thames. This year is set to be fantastic as we are teaming up with our partners over in Ibiza, Together, who host Amnesia (our official after party) on a Tuesday and will be taking over Ministry of Sound on the night. We have some very special artists TBA for this one and is set to be our biggest reunion party to date.

We understand you have a large presence in Ibiza, Aiya Napa and beyond. How do the London parties differ from these somewhat more exotic locations?

We actually have Pukka Up franchises all over the world, from Sydney to Brazil, Indonesia to Dubai although our franchise in the Mediterranean is with Europe’s leading youth holiday provider, Thomson Scene. In 6 of their holiday locations all of their boat parties are now fully fledged Pukka Up parties which is fantastic. All of our parties all over the world differ in some way but all have the same feel good, free spirited party ethos whether on the White Isle or on the Thames in the UK’s capital.

Tell us a bit about your previous guest DJs…

Over the years have had some amazing guest DJ’s on our boats over in Ibiza. These have included Mistajam, Chris Lourenzo, Danny Howard, Scott Mills, Norman Jay, Harry Cho Cho Romero and Lost Frequencies who have recently been at Number 1 in the UK’s charts and are yet to play on our boat party in September

Who has played the most memorable set?

We are so fortunate to have some absolutely superb artists on our record label who never cease to please any crowd. As they all play different genres of house music and all have their own unique style it would be hard to pin down just the one memorable set!

Which 5 tracks best sum up your parties?

Prok and Fitch - One of These Days  <<CLICK TITLE

Lost frequencies - Are You With Me  <<CLICK TITLE

Format: B - Chunky  <<CLICK TITLE

Disclosure - That Bang  <<CLICK TITLE

Gregory Porter - Liquid Spirit (Claptone Remix)  <<CLICK TITLE

Have there been any other particularly memorable moments over the years?

As a very close team who have worked together for a very long time, have lived together, done countless seasons together and worked on many epic parties there are probably too many to mention. However, one that stands out is an event in a particular location where both the Directors of Pukka Up were utterly convinced they were being mugged by a gang with knives, so much so they had to formulate an escape plan, only to find out that they were promoting a Turkish Kebab shop that was opening near the venue and were top guys. They felt so guilty they ended up spending over £100 in the Kebab shop.

If you could throw a boat party anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

As mentioned, we currently throw boat parties all over the world and are so humbled by how amazing each party in each location is. They guys in Sydney throw an absolutely amazing event so if you’re ever in that neck of the woods, its simply unmissable! We have done boat parties in Miami for WMC in the past which we would love to do again.

If you could put together your ultimate lineup, dead or alive - who would be on it?

As all of us in the office have a completely different taste in music this is a hard one but combined it would be an incredibly strange, yet interesting mix of Carl Cox, Coldplay, Marco Carola, Loco Dice, Foo Fighters, Frankie Knuckles and James Brown

What else can we expect to see and hear from you guys this year?

As ever this time of year we have so many exciting projects in the pipeline, of course we have our epic reunion party in October followed by our sell our New Years Eve Party on the Thames, everything else is strictly under wraps for now but watch this space!

And finally, is there anything else you would like to mention?

What some people may not know is that we currently do 425 events worldwide, with over 250,000 guests in 22 countries.

Don’t forget you can find tickets for two of the forthcoming Pukka Up London parties right here on Ticket Tannoy…