We caught up with The Qube Project’s Olga Alvarez for a quick chat to find out a little bit more about the venue, what’s been going on and what the future holds for their unique South West London party space.

So Olga, tell us a bit about the venue and how the concept first came about…

The Qube Project is a pioneering the 360-degree clubbing experience; each weekend we present a spanning a plethora of sounds from the electronic spectrum from soulful house to bass-heavy garage.

Focussed on joining the dots between the ever-expansive territory of house music, we focus on creating a captivating atmosphere and experience where precision sound, forward- thinking music and exceptional visual stimulus merge in one venue.

Who in your opinion has performed the most memorable DJ set at the Qube Project to date?

Black coffee had the whole venue at his fingertips. The crowd was amazing and it was a great party.

Who would you personally love to see perform at The Qube Project?

The Martinez brothers would be the ones. Their sets are full of energy and they have an innate ability to guide the crowd.

Which 3 tracks will forever remind you of The Qube Project?


1. A better Light - Santos Resiak - (The Martinez Brothers mix)  

This never falls to get people dancing...

2. The Good Old days - Dario D’Attis

Everyone looks a edit of a classic and Shadow Child smashed it with this one.

3. Deep inside - Hardrive (Shadow Child mix)

In your opinion, what is the best thing about the venue?

The captivating atmosphere is something that we love about the venue. Also we have bespoke State-of-the-art production 3D video mapping and jaw- dropping visual displays to create the most immersive and forward-thinking of clubbing environments. Finally, a specially designed Martin Audio sound system brings The Qube Project to life as a hedonistic escape hidden in the middle of London.

What else can we expect from you guys in 2015?

The venue has become very diverse with the music policy it really has become a platform for all kinds of dance music, we try to focus on the experience and make sure people walk away with a smile on their face…

And finally, is there anything else you would like to mention?

Stay tuned for our upcoming parties with acts like Danny Howard, DJ SKT, David Zowie, As I Am, Applebottom, De$ignated , Copyright, Kry Wolf, and more!

Expect to hear tunes like “Take Me Away” and “House Every Weekend”.