On Sunday 30th November, Jaded celebrates 10 years of afterhours in London with (to quote co-headliner Rebekah) “the big noisy beast techno of AnD”

Hello Andrew and Dimitrios, thanks for chatting to us ahead of your Dublin show with with Cut Hands this weekend. Could you tell us the story of how you came together to collaborate under the AnD banner?

We both had a similar circle of friends when we moved to Manchester, It was from here that we started to bump into each other a bit more. After 2 years of knowing each other, we decided we would try to make a track together. After we worked on one track, it ended up we have always worked together!

Manchester is obviously a place rich in dance music history, could you tell us what were your individual initial electronic/Techno music experiences that made you want to get involved in it?


A - I had been buying hardcore tapes when i was 12 it was my ritual on a saturday to go and get a new tape for the week. From here I had discovered a lot of stuff like Aphex Twin, Autechre, Cj Bolland, Plastikman etc from listening to John peel and the Breezeblock on radio one. Also I was lucky that in Belfast, Shine always had an array of killer techno at their events in the 90's and this is when i truly feel in love with the techno sound. It made total sense to me when I heard techno on a massive sound system, I was obsessed from that point!

D – My first “music” experiences were far off from anything to do with techno!I started playing in clubs since the age of 13 so I was still trying to discover the “good shit” but it was still hard to do so because at that time I was still in Greece,which as much as I like it is way backwards when it comes to cutting edge music!You need to research hours and hours to actually hear “THAT NEW AMAZING” thing that is called “underground electronic music” and of course even though I had started to discover it bit by bit through internet I was never able to play it out as the people would have freaked out

But all changed by the time I came here and I was exposed to so many amazing records that I could never find even in my wildest dreams back home (Greece).So that how it started for me my trip to the “electronic paradise”.

Andrew you are now based in Berlin, while Dimitrios is still based in Manchester, has the distance/contrasting locations affected your creative process? Has distance made the heart grow fonder? (smiles)

We feel like it hasn't really affected us too much as far as creativity, obviously we have to work differently now that we can't be in the same studio together when working on music. We tend to bounce a lot of projects back and forth to each other and see what direction we will go with our ideas. Haha, not sure if the distance makes the heart grow fonder, but it has definitely made us communicate more on ideas. We used to just go to the studio together and then actually not say much just start making sounds, were as now we discuss our ideas a lot more.

You have released on a slew of labels including for our friends at Eartoground, how did you get involved with them?

Gareth had got in contact with us about doing a remix for the label, and when he sent us the tracks over we thought it would be a good label to work with. The original by Chris and Dax had a good groove and nice melodies, so we were more than happy to do a remix.

And you own AnD imprint, at the moment two solid releases deep, could you give us a scoop on what will be coming up next?

We will be releasing AnD003 next year at some point, we have no solid plans on a release date but we are looking forward to putting out some new material on our own imprint.

Your album 'Cosmic Microwave' on Electric Deluxe is now doing the rounds, how did that come about? Did you intentionally plan on making an album, or did the individual tracks just take shape so it made sense to put them together?

Originally we hadn't set out to write an album, we had sent Speedy J a batch of tracks we had been working on and it was from here that he asked us if we would like to do an album with Electric Deluxe. From that point we actually started fresh and started to work on tracks and ideas for the album.

You will be headlining our rather large 10th birthday Jaded alongside Rebekah, you have recently collaborated with her on her Decoy label, how did you guys connect and have you played on the same bill before?

We have actually never played together before, but we are really looking forward to it! Again Rebekah was really liking our releases and she had approached us if we would like to remix a track on her label. We actually had met Dead Sound a few times in Manchester too and felt like it would be a good project to work on.

We know that you are both heavily into your vinyl, how have you managed to harness that background so that it comes through in your live show?

When you dj on vinyl it leaves space for the chance of something going wrong and we like the fact that not everything has to be perfect it proves that there is actually a human being there doing it. The live show works with the same ethos, we use hardware and some sequencers running from max msp. This allows us to be as free as possible when performing live, we don't know what we will play until we get there and that keeps it interesting for both us and the crowd.

Thanks Andrew and Dimitrios we're looking forward to seeing you beast our Room 1 this Sunday!