The distinction between Damiano Von Erckert’s soulful, groove grounded house rhythms and his up bringing in the Ruhrgebiet district, are not so familiar. Surrounded by towering buildings and residential homes and with vague industrial backdrops, the Ruhrgebiet district is Germany’s biggest urban agglomeration.

Now residing in Cologne, Damiano’s broad interest in music has further developed. From a young age, growing up under the wing of his father, also a DJ, Damiano accumulated a varied taste in soundscapes, textures and atmosphere; he would collect anything from Funk, Disco and Soul to Hip and Afro records. A love for the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s house, funk and soul clearly resonates through his personal production work. His ability to turn back time, relish and recreate classic elements, diverting away from conventional house orientated means, authenticity, uniqueness and positivity are the key fundamentals Damiano is beginning to gain notoriety for.

Surprisingly though, his early accomplishments didn’t exactly catch the eye of many prospective record labels, ultimately leading Damiano to start his own imprint back in 2011, AVA. Records. Now in it’s fifth year, the label is in full swing, working with house hold names, such as Motor City Drum Ensemble, Lowtec, Tito Wun, MCDE, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Andy Vaz, Christopher Rau and Funkycan, just to name a few.

With a strong desire to build his own brand and a platform from which he can pay tribute to modern club music, Damiano has also gone on to arguably compile the first real prominent house and techno collective in Cologne. Looking beyond the conjectural four walls surrounding the city based in the west of Germany the label is strongly developing and gaining repute, for which Damiano is leading the A&R.

Maintaining identity with a retro feel throughout, AVA’s ethos and core value is to ensure that every release cover is hand made with meticulous detail, with the artwork usually sourced from vintage photographs.

You can catch Damiano performing at the Hare & Hounds for Loose Lips on 16 th September.

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