Denis Sulta is the latest prodigal son to emerge from the Glasgi gang of DJ’s and producers, otherwise known the Numbers crew. The label merged a conglomerate of other labels existing at the time and has gone far and wide with styles and experimental boundary pushing electronic music, with artists like Hudson Mohawk, Rustie and Koreless. More recently it seems to have settled on a house sound and style, releasing music and touring with a small select crew of regular artists and DJ’s.

Denis Sulta may be the youngest and newest of this crew, but he typifies it perfectly and all eyes are on him. He immediately caught attention with his release ‘It’s Only Real’, which showed the world he’s not just another bedroom house producer but a serious contender.

His style sounds like futuristic house and techno, a modern homage to the sci-fi dreaming of 80’s Chicago and Detroit, as shows in his track ‘Nein Fortiate’. He also releases under the pseudonym Atlus on New York based label Mr Saturday Night - a more disco focused label (in the true tradition of New York), Atlus tends to be more relaxed that Sulta’s normal fare, and even features completely non dance floor orientated soundscapes like his track ‘A Little More Time’. His tracks and prolific DJ gigs have won the esteem of dance fans all over Europe, made him one of the most exciting newcomers in club land and even earned him an award for 'Best Breakthrough Producer' at this year’s DJ Mag Best of British awards.

Denis Sulta’s exceptionally fast and strong entry into the world of electronic music demands notice – catch the hype at Patterns in Brighton on 21/01/17.




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