On Saturday 7th October, Fritz Kalkbrenner returns to London to play a rare performance at Ministry of Sound. The German producer has risen to global stardom as a renowned big room techno maestro over the last decade.


Fritz began his career in journalism, but quickly developed a passion for electronic music –like many of his generation in Berlin -  and decided to start making music himself in the early 2000s. His first release Forms and Shapes, which appeared on Sascha Funke’s debut album Bravo in 2003, proved a huge success and landed his first club hit. At this stage, Fritz was working closely with his best friend and brother Paul, bit it wasn’t until 2010 when he released his solo debut album Here Today Gone Tomorrow. It was then that he finally gained recognition as a solo artist that he’d long deserved, and was celebrated for a soulful melodic sound of his own. His debut album made the top ten Groove charts of the year, voted album of the year by Raveline magazine and was even nominated for an Echo critics choice award.


His upcoming ‘Changing Face’ EP onSuol, due for release later this year, demonstrate his broad musical palette, touching onelectronic soul, house and electro with an added hip-hop twist.


Listen to tracks on the forthcoming EP below


We cannot wait to hear what Fritz has in store for his next session on 7th October.

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