It’s somewhat crazy to think that Maya Jane Coles has been active since 2007. Over the course of the last decade she has ascended to the top of the house and techno’s A-league. Firstly, she’s London born and bred. Her 2017 Take Flight was a love letter to the city’s diverse musical landscape. It furthered her cause as the essential London producer of our generation.

By 2012 she had already been trusted with the driver seat of K7’s famed DJ-Kicks mix series. Having already put out material on imprints such as Hypercolour and Dogmatik to critical acclaim, she released her debut album Comfort on her own I/AM/ME label in 2013. The LP harboured hit singles Everything and Burning Bright, and featured collaborations from the likes of Kim Ann Foxman and Miss Kittin. Back in her hometown, she was recruiting a growing legion of fans with notable appearances in fabric’s main room. It was only a matter of time before they came calling for her to contribute to their own legendary compilation series. One of our most memorable sets from this period was her epic closing set from NYD 2015 at Tobacco Dock. Whilst she continued to tour, what followed was a largely inactive few years on the production front.

Take Flight marked her return and the industry took notice. The year culminated in her being nominated for Radio 1’s Essential Mix of the Year, and also saw her scoop not only Best Producer but Best Album at DJ Mag’s annual Best of British bash. She was back. And as an early Xmas present, she gifted fans with the spectacular video to Darkside.

Which leads us into 2018 – and HE.SHE.THEY.

Remember when dance music culture was about breaking down barriers, instead of putting them up? When clubs were safe havens you could just be yourself, irrespective of class, race, gender, sexuality? This movement – now a multi-billion-dollar global industry – was born in the black and Hispanic gay quarters of downtown America. But do those same communities feel welcomed in today’s scene? Or safe?

As club culture has boomed, clubland has been infiltrated by the very people who tormented and taunted us throughout our adolescence; by the same people who pushed us to the fringes and pushed us underground in the first place. In the age of the alt-right and growing antipathy, He. She.They is the liberal left finding their voice and reclaiming the dancefloor. To establish a sanctuary without prejudice. Where people can feel comfortable to be themselves and feel like they belong, whilst expressing their individuality.

Maya Jane Coles is the very embodiment of that attitude. Resolutely independent, whilst possessing multi-creative disciplines: DJ/producer/singer/songwriter/artist/fashionista. So with that in mind, He.She.They invites you to join Maya at Ministry of Sound on Saturday 24th February 2018, to spread some nocturnal sunshine across the capital.

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