Four-piece electronic outfit Metronomy have steadily garnered a formidable reputation for their synth heavy, whistle-along anthems. As well as enjoying a constant touring schedule, the band have had success with five critically acclaimed albums - the most recent, Summer 08, only hit shop floors back in July.

The indie-dance band from Devon, formed in 1999, consists of four full time members – Joseph Mount, Oscar Cash, Anna Prior and Gbenga Adelekan. In the autumn of 2005, Metronomy released their debut album; Pip Paine (Pay the £5000 You Owe) headed by the first single 'You Could Easily Have Me'. Initially, Metronomy was fundamentally a DJ act, although Mount soon asked his cousin Oscar Cash and an old schoolfriend Gabriel Stebbing to join him. Mount enlightened, "I was doing some shows on my own, which was pretty crap, so I thought it would be better to get a band thing going on".

With a succession of successful hits, including The Bay, The Look, Love Letters, I’m Aquarius and Radio Ladio. 2008’s Heartbreaker is conceivably Metronomy’s - ‘hit’ single to date. It best epitomizes the direct genius of a band who have been sitting on a considerable chunk of innovative electronic ideas. They’ve maintained a wholly modest approach to stardom whilst amassing an army of strangely obsessive fans. ‘My lyrics are pretty basic’, explains Mount, ‘but the gist of Heartbreaker is having a friend who’s in some awful relationship, and keeps hassling you and talking to you about it. So it ends up ruining your friendship. So, do us both a favour: ditch her. It’s not so much that friends have done this to me, but I’ve definitely done it to friends of mine. It’s a love song between two men, but it’s kind of hidden that that’s what it is.’

The band have come a long way since the release of ‘Heartbreaker’; in 2014 Metronomy's forthcoming single Love Letters was named Zane Lowe's "Hottest Record in the World". Their fourth studio album, Love Letters, was released on 10 March 2014, with the band attaining there highest ever position on the UK Albums Chart, calling in at number 7. Alongside the Klaxons and Crystal Castles, Metronomy are still known to be one of the core bands responsible for the one time Nu-Wave / Nu-Rave movement in the UK. In a recent interview with Mixmag, Mount explained how it all began, “Back in 2008 I was living in Homerton in east London, I was part of the first wave of gentrification. I had a little room in a house owned by Milo Cordell who ran Merok Records One of Klaxons was living there too, Jamie Reynolds, so I was in an exciting part of London, with exciting friends, playing gigs at places like Turnmills, Erol Alkan’s night Trash, or at 2am at Fabric to a bunch of gurners. It felt like I was part of something…”

You can catch Metronomy at this years Simple Things in Bristol.

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