With Awakenings coming to town in under a month, we thought it would be only right to get their thoughts on the best places to go in Amsterdam!

Here’s what the Awakenings crews top tips were in our city guide feature.

Best places to eat?
Our favorite restaurants are from our italian friends. The name of the restaurant is Libero.

And restaurant Pomerosso

The food is amazing and they are really nice. Amsterdam is the home of Awakenings and the home of our beloved Gashouder. It all started here in Amsterdam 20 years ago. Our office is also in Amsterdam and it’s out hometown. We love it!  We also sometimes eat at the Westergasterras which is next to the Gashouder. They have a really nice terrace with a view on the Gashouder.


Local food delicacies

Herring (Dutch raw fish, commonly served with and onions)

Drop (Dutch sweets)

Bitterballen (Dutch fingerfood)

Stroopwafel (Dutch cookie)

Stamppot (mashed potatos with vegetables, mostly kale, carrot or sauerkraut)

Oliebollen (only available in the winter)

Pepernoten (only available from September – December)

Favourite pubs?

Can’t go wrong with this list…

What’s the Awakenings top choice of drink in Amsterdam?

Vodka, water and beer

Best places to hang out if you are a local?

Vondelpark, Westerpark, Amsterdam Roest, Amsterdamse Bos

Best place to hang out and other things to see if you’re a tourist?

The canals, the Red Light District, Museum Square, Dam Square, Leidseplein and Vondelpark

Good shops, markets?

The Flower Market and Albert Cuyp Market

Record shops?

Concerto and  Mary go WIld

Can you tell us a bit more about Awakenings and how it started?

The first Awakenings was held on march 1997 in the Amsterdam Gashouder during Easter. The name Awakenings comes from the Awakening of Jezus, which is celebrated during Easter. Nowadays Awakenings has become one of the leading techno events in the Netherlands with several events in Amsterdam and Eindhoven each year. The Awakenings Festival, which is held outdoor every year in the summer, has become the biggest leading techno festival of the world.