Hessle Audio artist, Timedance label boss, and Bristol based producer Omar McCutheon aka Batu is releasing his first EP for XL Recordings in June. Batus debut EP dropped on Cold Recordings back in 2013, and since then hes founded the pioneering label Timedance, which is currently shaping the new Bristol techno sound. Batu has become the shooting star of UK techno, and has been on industry headsradar for some time now including the famous UK label Hessle Audio, who snatched him up to release his Marius EP last year.

The label describes his four-track EP titled Rebuilt as pushing his sound forward in every way possible. Batu is one of the most forward thinking, and up-and- coming techno producers on the scene clearly demonstrated by his words released in a press statement below:

I wanted to try and challenge myself a bit for this EP. Every track represents a different phase of experimentation and also different tempos, I wanted to push my processes further than I ever have done.

Listen to a snippet of the first track on the B side titled Flash React’  below.

If you’re just as excited about Batu as we are then you can catch him play at Dimensions Festival in Croatia later in August.

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