With greedy eyes and tastebuds, we’re looking forward to The Beavertown Exravaganza – a day long celebration of all that is good in the UK craft beer scene, landing in September at London’s newest venue Printworks. The event will showcase the finest brewing talent the world has to offer in a spectacular, great exhibition of beer.

In light of our anticipation, the lovely folks at Beavertown (after much debate) have clued us in on the five most exciting breweries to be joining them on the day. Whilst the exact beers to be on offer at the Extravaganza are a closely guarded secret, the selections below give an idea of what to expect.


3 Floyds

Based in Munster, Indiana, 3 Floyds (or FFF for short) is a small brewery dedicated to crafting a wide and “not normal” range of quality ales and lagers. They are known for their Russian Imperial Stout and American Pale Ale’s Zombie Dust and Space Station Middle Finger, plus graphics straight out of a comic book convention with a retro heavy metal band vibe.



Trillium is a a brewery dedicated to farmhouse ales, based in downtown Boston. They have made a name for themselves with beers like Fort Point Pale Ale and Pot, Kettle Porter, which evolved from an Oatmeal Stout. For their “Soak” series of barrel- fermented wild ales, simple wheat ales are brewed and transferred into oak puncheon barrels and dosed with Lactobacillus and their proprietary “Native New England” mixed yeast culture. From there, fruits are added to the barrels to “‘soak for enhanced extraction of unique colors, aromatics and flavors.” Wowzers.


Dieu de Ciel

Dieu de Ciel believe strongly in brewing beers which lead the way in innovation and character. From their Isseki Nicho, an Imperial Stout / Saison hybrid to their Rosée d'hibiscus, a vibrant pink-orange wheat beer brewed with hibiscus flowers, Dieu Du Ciel! Brews are unafraid, bold and interesting. We rate the Aphrodisiaque – a 6.5% abv cocoa and vanilla stout.


Jester King

Committed to making wild ales and spontaneously fermented beers, Jester King is based in Austin, Texas, and pride themselves on brewing a wide range of sour beers. Truly deserving of the ‘artisanal’ name tag, they’re incorporating hyper-local ingredients, often seasonally, and taking advantage of free resources like bacteria and wild yeast to complete the picture.



It has been said that Cellarmaker makes some of best hoppy beers on the West Coast. Straight out of San Francisco, 73 of their first 100 batches of beers were unique brews, and they continue to evolve. Their experimentations have yielded extremely aromatic beers that are hop forward, yet balanced and low in bitterness, for example the ‘Are You Afraid of the Dank?’ double IPA.


Tickets for Beavertown Extravaganza are £50 and include unlimited beer for the day.

Full details here.