London based designer and DJ BEC has built up a solid reputation for holding down the fort behind the decks, picking up the support of the Pan-Pot crew. Read this interview and keep an eye out for the mix…

Did you have a good summer? What went down?

It’s a pleasure! It’s been a completely surreal year… let alone summer! When I haven’t been in London I’ve been travelling either to listen to exceptional music or to play! I had a gig in Hong Kong in August, which was great as I got to see one of my best friends who lives over there. We then went to Thailand for some R&R. I’ve definitely done my fair share of festivals this year, including BPM, Sonar and good old Glastonbury.

Can you tell us a little bit about your musical background and how you got into DJing?

When I was younger I played instruments (mainly the keyboard and acoustic guitar) and studied music a lot, but as I got older I concentrated on pursuing a career in graphic design. When I finished University in London, a good friend of mine persuaded me to learn to DJ as he was convinced that my knowledge and taste in music would make me successful.

It was always something I dreamt of doing so I borrowed an old mixer and a pair of technics off another friend in return for design work. My first gig payment was a pair of Pioneer HDJ2000 headphones and since that night I guess I have been absorbed back into music. Every single thing I do now relates to it. Every penny I earn goes into equipment – I’m constantly learning, searching for new artists or tracks and tirelessly working to try to improve my sets.

Music really does make the world go round and I think that every contributor, whether that be a DJ, producer, organiser or promoter shares the same intense passion for it which is what makes it so special.

When you’re not behind the decks what do you spend most of your time doing?

It’s either something to do with design or techno. Oh, and the occasional yoga class.

How did you end up meeting the Pan-Pot guys?

I originally met them through a mutual friend when they played at the Loveland party at ADE last year, but it wasn’t until LWE in March that we hung out properly actually! They are really great guys and I feel fortunate to have met them and all the Second State crew.

What’s been your most memorable experience whilst djing?

It’s got to be the other week at Watergate for the Pan-Pot invites night. I opened, but then was asked to go back on to do an impromptu closing set. I took over from Clint Stewart, which I thought would be tough as he was playing a killer set. I decided to play some tracks that have influenced me since my experiences at Burning Man festival and it went off! The ambiance and energy was amazing, and that’s what its all about!

If you could describe you’re DJing style in 3 words what would it be?

Energetic, hypnotic techno.

Tell us something people might not know about you…

I couldn’t live without tea. Very British I know I probably drink around 7 cups in 3 varieties everyday. I’m also secretly a massive computer geek (or maybe not so secret).

 If you could have any superpower for 24 hours what would it be?

The classic superhero q! Umm.. To be able to fly at the speed of light so I could go and chill with my sister half way across the world in San Francisco. We are super close and I miss her a lot.