UK DJ Ben Pearce will be one of five panelists speaking at a discussion on mental health in the music industry, takingplace next week on January 24 at The Pickle Factory. . Organized by Percolate and Mind charity, the event also features Naomi Williams from Totem, artist mentor and life coach Clare Scivier and Emma Mamo from Mind. Music journalist Lauren Martin will host.

Percolate say: “The music industry faces many challenges, but none are as widespread and current as the state of mental health. Whether it’s behind the decks or behind the desk, mental health issues affect all areas of the business and have now reached a crisis point. Recent studies into this have resulted in some shocking statistics: 71.1% of all respondents to a Mind survey believed they had suffered from panic attacks and/or high levels of anxiety, and 68.5% reported they had suffered from depression.”

Panelists will discuss their experiences and encounters, with an aim to identify key issues, reduce stigma and build a roadmap to better mental health support within the industry and beyond. Representatives from Mind will outline their further plans for the charity and their views on strategies within the music industry.

Ben Pearce cancelled a number of tour dates in 2016, via heartfelt statement describing his battle with depression, sparking much discussion of mental health within the electronic music industry. On the mend in September, he updated: “To anyone out there who is struggling: don't be ashamed or afraid get help, talk about it, trust in your friends and family and love yourself, do anything that makes you smile. You can beat it, it will pass & even if it never goes away, sometimes seeing the world from that angle forms who you are as a person and gives you a clarity you might not have had before.”

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