Ahead of the forthcoming Art Gallery & 3 day Seminar, Billy Daniel Bunter chooses some of the most pivotal tracks from 1989 through to 1993 that shaped the scene that we all know and love for the past 25 years. The Seminars will be a celebration of a culture that come from nothing and inspired like minded people the world over. This is the real story told by those who shed blood, sweat and tears to keep the vibe alive.

1989 - Renegade Soundwave - The Phantom <CLICK TITLE

Legendary track. You could argue the foundation for Drum & Bass. Crisp beats, and killer bass. Layered with haunting vocals. This is the essence of British breaks and bass.

1990 - Shut Up & Dance Ft Ragga Twins - Lamborghini <CLICK TITLE

This is the beginning of producers finding samples from old 80's reggae sets and layering them on prototype British Hardcore. One of my biggest claims to fame is Shut Up & Dance bringing their white labels around to the record shop I worked in in 1990 called Pauls for Music in Whitechapel. This is an early foundation to the essence of Jungle.

1991 - Geneside 2 - Narra Mine <CLICK TITLE

This is the most important tune of 1991. Capturing the euphoria of rave through the vocals of the 1st half of the tune. Followed by the cold reality of what was going on in the world out side in the sinister vocals of Killer Man Archer in the 2nd half of the tune. Stone cold classic.

1992 - Nookie - Give A Little Love <CLICK TITLE

1992 British break beat rave music at it's finest. Nookie is a genius at making uplifting happy anthems sound the coolest tracks in the world. This tune will forever remind me of Desire 92 at Tasco Warehouse in Plumpstead throughout the hot summer of 1992.

1993 - Krome & Time - The Slammer <CLICK TITLE

This is my all time Hardcore rave anthem. If you hear me play an Old Skool set and not play this. Come and slap me. Krome & Time are the dons. They created anthems in every era of British rave music, this for me, is their finest moment, out of countless finest moments.

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