Icelandic wonderkid Bjarki is back on ᴛрип with another 4-track EP. The prolific producer has been churning them out for Nina Kraviz’s imprint since she introduced him to the world back in 2014. Quite staggeringly he has featured on no less than 9 of their 15 digital releases. His latest offering – This Is 5321 – maintains the high standards he’s already set.

The EP’s opener, the fidgety Thodn med skit a master, is bursting with energy and fit for peak time dancefloors.

The title track suffers from dual-personality disorder, in that its clunky, clumsy baseline accompanies divine melodies. This is no bad thing. The conflicting elements shouldn’t work. But they do, and this underlines Bjarki’s irrepressible creative flair.

Galopinn muninn is an erratic 140bpm affair which fritters into breakbeat while Fimmtudagur 16-2 is darker with a real old school rave feel about it.

Once again Bjarki showcases his wide-ranging abilities. The release sits neatly within the ᴛрип parameters. It’s a label where a multi-dimensional producer like Bjarki is free to go off piste. As Nina herself puts it: divergent and trippy music to stimulate brains, dreams and fantasies.

Bjarki & Nina Kraviz line-up alongside Helena Hauff, Function and Terry Francis in fabric’s Barn arena at The Social, Kent on Saturday 30th September.

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