Bondax have picked out the top 5 tracks that remind them of London. The two lads from Lancashire have got more than a solid fan base in the capital, so we’re eager to find out the tracks that remind them of it. Plus there’s an interesting insight into how the sounds of our wonderful city were and continue to be an influence on the duo.








5 TRACKS  *click title to listen

1. Zoo Kid (King Krule) – Ocean Bed

The original demo of this recorded in his room has this amazing raw sound to it, definite London feel.

2. Maribou State – Moon Circles

Liam from Maribou State played us this track in our tour bus outside the warehouse where we last played in London on our live tour last year, and we definitely had a moment with this song. Can’t praise this tune enough, quality song.

3. Burial – Fostercare

As much as it is a cliché to pick Burial for a list like this, when we were 15 and growing up in the northern countryside, discovering Burial and all this culture that was all  coming from London definitely changed our perception of electronic music. This track was one of the first that showed us this mad new sound.

4. Lightspeed Champion – Tell me what it’s worth

Dev Hynes is obviously one of the greatest current talents from London, love the Blood Orange stuff and grew up listening to Lightspeed Champion and dreaming of London.

5. Louis Bordeaux – 1st Session

No real reason for why this tune reminds us of London, just listened to it a lot on the tube haha