Irish liquid D&B pioneer Calibre is back with Shelflife 5. You can preview several of the tracks below.

The Shelflife series is certainly one of intrigue. Far from being a studio album, each past entry has been an ad hoc assortment of unreleased tracks and dubplates. The fifth instalment is no different, and fans of Calibre will find a few tracks they recognise amongst the LP.

The full tracklisting can be found below: 

1. Makes Me

2. Leave

3. The Dep

4. Addict

5. City Life

6. Jaboc

7. Two Ones

8. Self

9. Deep Down

10. Bluesday

11. Funny Games

12. Jass

Curiously the LP will feature a collaboration with the late Marcus Intalex (AKA Trevino) who sadly passed last year. The other notable featured artist arrives in the form of long-term collaborator, DRS who has a history of lending his vocals to Calibre’s productions.

Shelflife 5 is released via Signature Recordings on 29th June.

Calibre forms part of the outrageous line-up at Outlook Festival. Other acts performing include Dillinja, Andy C and Noisia.

4th release tickets are on sale now.

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