Celebrating it’s 7th Anniversary this November 19th , Cartulis Day has unwittingly become something of an East London institution for those in the know – established by party purists, for party purists.

Founder Unai explains: “Cartulis is not looking to stand out from other parties – there are lots of good parties and promoters in London that do an amazing job. Like us they support the artists that they believe in and like. The most special thing about Cartulis is that we are looking to have a great time, dance and listen to music, we are really positive and enjoy our job. People that join us in our parties feel it, from dancers to DJs, from venue staff, even security (sometimes)... In our 7 year experience, this is the most important thing - to be really positive and have a good time!”

Guests over the years have included Baby Ford, Fred P, Anton Zap, Jane Fitz, Claro Intellecto and most recently, Zip. “Zip was really important for me,” says Unai. “He’s one of my favourite artists, to have him playing for us was amazing! but I can say that there were lots of highlights from different guests - Nicolas Lutz, Francesco del Garda, Vera, also from our residents Davy and Raphael Carrau...”

This year’s edition features Unai himself, headliners Onur Ozer and Nicolas Lutz and resident Davy, at Mangle in London Fields. Previous editions have taken place at the now now defunct Crucifix Lane, once a key component in the story of London’s alternative club scene. Unai explains the problems faced by smaller promoters: “London is in a really bad situation, capitalism is taking over everything. Art normally is not included in this system, this system is only looking for material benefit, it’s about money... This affects small promoters like Cartulis directly - we struggle and pay crazy amounts of money to rent a space, where the main thing is to do the numbers in a bar.

The situation that fabric are in helps a lot of people to understand what's going on and to open their eyes, also is really sad how government use the death of two kids for an economic proposal - it is just really bad, drug education is the answer. At the end the positive thing to come out of Fabric closure is that it makes people come together and fight for the right to be free and dance and listen to music. Every human being wants to socialise, meet people and music is one of the most beautiful things that we have, it’s a way to bring people together.”

Now this is a cause we can get behind – join Unai and the crew on November 19th .

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