‘Tis (almost) the season to be jolly! And in keeping with themes of rejoice, we have some positive news to report. Following our article back in September, when we reported that Viagogo and other unscrupulous secondary ticketing sites were under investigation from the APPG, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has handed them an ultimatum. In short, the enforcement action stipulates that the site must overhaul its business in order to comply with consumer project law.

They are now legally obliged to:

  • inform ticket purchasers if there is a risk they will be denied entry.

  • provide information about the individual or company selling the ticket, so the consumer can fully benefit from consumer production law.

  • not giving misleading information about the availability and popularity of tickets, which had the potential to lead to customers into a rushed buying decision.

  • making it easier for people to apply for a refund under their guarantee in an instance of fraud or mis-selling.

  • prevent the sale of tickets a seller does not own and/or is not in possession of.

  • ensure they do not continue with a culture of not advising the correct retail price of tickets.

After years of campaigning, this is a significant step in the right direction for fans of concerts, live music and medium to large scale events. Viagogo have until early 2019 to get their ship in order. Because they have been receptive to the criticism levied, as it stands Viagogo will face no criminal trial for their past transgressions. However, it has been made abundantly clear that they must now toe the line for here on out.

Andrea Coscelli, CEO of the CMA had the following to say:

Viagogo has agreed to a comprehensive overhaul of its site to ensure it respects the law. Just like the other resale sites who have already signed commitments to improve, they agree to provide fair information.

This is a victory for anyone who buys a ticket through Viagogo.”

Of course, the only way to guarantee that the tickets you are buying are legitimate is to only buy from reputable retailers or people you know personally. Nobody likes being swindled out of their hard earned cash. Not least when the moment of realisation comes at the moment you’re excitingly entering a venue. The good fight continues. Customers need to make sure they are checking promoter event pages for tickets before heading to secondary sites - see our example below:

Tickets for Junction 2 are on sale now. #toutsout

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