Italian maestro Donato Dozzy has been one of the scenes most underrated hidden treasures for far too long. He carries nearly two decades of activity and is famous for being one half Voices From The Lake with co-partner Neel. Despite sitting within the niche realms of the melodic techno scene, Dozzy is affiliated with and has played at sizeable events such as Dekmantel, Para-lel festival, Helsinki’s Flow festival, Terraforma, Berghain’s Klubnacht and Japan’s Labyrinth. He’s a mastermind producer and one of a kind DJ boasting a distinct style of rolling melodic techno with influences of trance felt throughout.   

It seems as though Donato finds pleasure in collaborating on production material, following the news of his most recent project with, who call themselves Men With Secrets. It’s been five years since they released Officine Di Efesto EP on Semantica and enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting more material from the duo. 

At last fans need not wait much longer as they’ve just announced their highly anticipated full length debut album titled Psycho Romance & Other Spooky Ballads. Listen to clips below ahead of its release on The Bunker New York on January 31st. 


01. 4th Dimension Signal N°1

02. The Misfortunes Of Virtues

03. Cabaret (Démodé)

04. 4th Dimension Signal N°2

05. Dramantic

06. Elle Est Nihiliste

07. 4th Dimension Signal N°3

08. Angelus Novus

09. Secrets Of The Crowd

10. 4th Dimension Signal N°4

11. Aletheia.aiff

12. Ruins On Ruins

13. 4th Dimension Signal N°5

His performances in the UK are few and far between, so don’t miss his live London debut at Re-Textured festival taking place at Tobacco Dock on Saturday 4th April. Seriously, don’t miss it and don’t say we didn’t warn you...

Early Entry, General Admission and Black Pass tickets are now on sale below.

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