Dungeon Meat is made up of two of the UK’s finest underground acts - Tristan da Cunha and Brawther. The EP that announced their arrival came on Jeremy Underground’s ‘My Love Is Underground’ and spared no punches – A side The Fuck Off Track was an instant hit. The duo’s back catalogue really does come from the depths of the underground, or from the dungeon if you prefer.

Not just a DJ and production outfit, Dungeon Meat also bring a solid label. With a stripped, raw and authentic focus, the imprint’s mission in their own words is ‘to slay all the ploddy, medium rare, diluted "Fischer Price" house music’ – and they’ve more than succeeded in fulfilling this intention.

The pair aim to bring together crowds from all backgrounds, the way true house was intended, delivering a wild and freaky atmosphere as only they know how. Their label parties have included live voguing from dance crew House of Lady Di, and their legendary sets at Glastonbury’s NYC Downlow embody the Dungeon Meat ethos – a loose, hedonistic vibe backed up by meaty underground house.

Ahead of their show at Great Suffolk Street on New Years Eve, Tristan took time tell us about their favourite releases on the label. If you don’t know – get to know!


Blunt Instruments - Hold Back

“The first release on the label, the one that really kicked things off for us and started our story with a bang. The title track 'Hold Back' got a lot of attention but the flip side tracks were killer cuts of straight up banging beef as well.  The EP was well received and had support from a wide selection of DJ's like Jeremy Underground, Soul Capsule , tINI and Ben UFO to name a few.”


Dungeon Meat - The Hairy Axe Wound

This track was started in the kitchen at home, the main body of the track we made whilst I was making some dinner (we love our food) and then we finished it in the studio. Taken from our first EP we played this one a lot and it always works on the dance floor every time. The title of the track also hints at the meaning behind Dungeon Meat the name but not everyone will get it though.”


Point G - Sidewalkin'

“We were so happy to hear one of our inspirations DJ Gregory aka POINT G was a fan of the Dungeon Meat vibe and of course very honoured to release an EP from him. We've been collecting his music for 2 decades and getting to know him has also been a pleasure. His POINT G jams are straight up Dungeon dynamite ...They're super tracky tools, designed for DJ abuse only”


MR G - Road Tested

“Another one of our influences and inspirations and now good friend Mr G delivered a super solid ep for the label. His music suits our vibe perfectly so it made total sense to have him join our bionic band of beat butchers. Colin is a master at what he does and an absolute diamond geezer, the real deal . This track is definitely one of the highlights off the ep and always sparks the fire and ignites the party. Straight up rude boy tings.”


Larry de Kat - A Funky Introduction

“Larry is one of those super talented dudes who's just got the musical skills and bags character that you can really hear in his music and especially in this track . Not only does he play a sick bass line on this but he uses his vocals to create something totally unique, quirky and ultra funky that stands out from the crowd. Vocals are always like marmite ... you either love ‘em or hate ‘em but we LOVE this one because it's so weird and different, and that's what we're about. There's no formula to our sound, it's all about attitude and taking it to a higher altitude.”

Look out for forthcoming meaty music on the label from Honey Dijon , Blunt Instruments Dungeon Meat and more in 2017 .


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