Ellen Allien is back with her 7th solo LP, ‘Nost’, set for release via her own BPitch control imprint on 12th May.

Nost is Ellen’s first LP designed for the dance floor since 2010 and highlights the quintessential sound of Berlin with a sensibility that can only be found in the depths of the city’s darkest underground clubs. The title ‘Nost’ is drawn from the word ‘nostalgia’, as each track pays homage to her 25-year long career as a DJ. It is also her first LP made for the club since she put out ‘Dust’ in 2010.

The 9-track album showcases a rich history of cultured techno beginning with the warped vocal lures of ‘Mind Journey’ which perfectly demonstrates what the LP is all about – flecks of acid splutter amongst intelligently crafted analogue basslines with sharp repetitive rhythms and moody atmospherics.

As expected, Ellen’s voice is featured regularly throughout the record, powering each track. Although they are not clean, clear and recognisable, her vocals are used as instruments in a variety of formats.

‘Nost’ is the seventh album to come from the Berlin-born producer, and it is described as “the work of an artist who has deep knowing; knowing of one’s self, knowing of where she’s coming from and knowing of where she’s going."

Ellen plays this year’s annual Melt Festival in Ferropolis. The festival, which takes on a redundant steelworks and reservoir will see artists like Bonobo, Ame, Die Antwoord, Dixon, Kolsch, Marcel Dettmann, Sonja Moonear and more perform over the three day period.


Click here for the full event listing and tickets for Melt Festival