The first superstar produced by the Jungle & Breakbeat movement, Goldie popularised Drum ‘n’ Bass as a form of musical expression just as a relevant for living-room contemplation as techno had become by the early 90’s. Goldie became one of the original personalities in British dance music, his gold teeth, and badass attitude placed him as a celebrity within alternative & electronic music culture.

Goldie’s debut album ‘Timeless’ has a title that really speaks for itself. The idiosyncratic release which first hit shop floors in 1995 is known as one of, if not the ground-breaking statement in Drum ‘n’ Bass history. The album layered and combined complex, chopped break beats with deep and invigorating bass lines and expansive, symphonic strings and atmosphere with harmonising vocals, making Timeless, truly timeless. It was even listed as one of the greatest albums of all time in the book ‘1001 albums to hear before you die’. Rumours of a live orchestral rendition of Timeless first emerged in the early 2010s, and in the summer of 2014, the Heritage Orchestra — an outfit known for its collaborations with modern artists — performed Timeless as part of the Meltdown Festival at London’s Southbank Centre. The success of this first show led to Goldie and the orchestra expanding the performance further, in time for the album’s 20th anniversary.

Goldie, aka, Clifford Joseph Price is of Jamacian and Scottish heritage and life growing up for him wasn’t as glamorous as his name. Goldie was put up for adoption and raised in child-care homes by several foster parents, before finding his love for break dance in the 1980’s, becoming an original member of the crew ‘Bboys’, he also became a notorious graffiti artist in the West Midlands. His artwork around Birmingham was featured heavily in Afrika Bambaataa’s documentary ‘Bombing’, he also took part in the largest ever British graffiti battle alongside Bristol legend Robert “3D” Del Naja, who later formed the band Massive Attack. Goldie’s art was typically portrayed visually before he moved on to becoming one of the genuine pioneers of Drum ‘n’ Bass.

In 1994, Goldie, alongside Kemistry & Storm decided to inaugurate and run a fresh, new label out of London – Metalheadz. The label’s first release was a split 12” single with Doc Scott’s ‘V.I.P Drumz’ backed with Goldie’s ‘V.I.P Riders Ghost”. The accompanying press releases stated that Metalheadz aimed explore both the roots of Breakbeat and Jungle and rework it into a new dimension.

The Metalheadz back catalogue from this era features many major figures from Drum ‘n’ bass, with artists such as Photek, Adam F, Grooverider and Alex Reece contributing productions to the imprint. In july 1995 the label also launched a weekly club night, in support of the label, Metalheadz Sunday Sessions achieved legendary status at London’s Blue Note club.

Since then Goldie has become a more contemporary celebrity, appearing on globally watched television programmes such as Come Dine With Me, Big Brother and Strictly Come Dancing, as well as a role in James Bond, however he never lost contact with his roots, hosting regularly nights with Metalheadz and running art exhibitions.

You can catch Goldie recreate History at Patterns on August 19 th .


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