Saturday 4th July sees techno legends Cocoon return to London’s Studio 338 terrace for another gian all day and night party. This time with Illario Alicante leading the charge accompanied by an infamous Christian Burkhardt live set and the rare opportunity to catch Markus Fix, Sascha Dive and Einzelkind all on the same stage. Join us as we take a closer look at three of the main headliners.


Ilario Alicante:

Ilario Alicante’s rise has been nothing short of spectacular - with a record-breaking Time Warp debut at the tender age of 15, numerous releases on such highly acclaimed record labels as Cocoon Recordings, Cécille Records and SCI + TEC Digital Audio, and his famed DJ sets over the past two Ibiza seasons which have made a lasting impression.

Ilario Alicante - Balance <CLICK TITLE TO LISTEN


Christian Burkhardt:

Christian Burkhardt is an artist truly absorbed with the range of sonic possibilities. A producer not content with existing within the realms of House and Techno, but one that is determined to further stretch its limits with his signature sound. A native of Heidelberg, Germany, who along with the likes of Reboot, Johnny D, Markus Fix, Ray Okpara have carved out a niche‘ revolution within House and Techno that has influenced the global electronic music community nearly as much as Detroit, Chicago, London and Berlin have in there respective years of glory.

Christian Burkhardt - Give Back <CLICK TITLE TO LISTEN


Markus Fix:

Everything started for Markus Fix with a gift of his brother in 1992, a Behringer 3 canal mixer. Kraftwerk, Yello and Off belonged to the artists who opened his creativity and his ears for the electronic dance music. In 1994 he visited for the first time the Omen in Frankfurt where Sven Väth, DJ Dag and Frank Lorber this did what DJ's for one good evening have to act. Two years later he put into action his won inspirations, in the end, in the decks. In 2000 Markus and two DJ's friends founded the "project 2000" and started in parallel as Resident in the Frankfurt stage bar “helium”.

Markus Fix - Free To  <CLICK TITLE TO LISTEN