Memory Box will be continuing its regular sonic memoirs of electronic music at London’s Bussey Building on Saturday 23rd January. To celebrate their third Birthday they will be joined by two Memory Box heroes, Farley Jackmaster Funk and Nightmares on Wax.

For three years now, Memory Box has been celebrating the influences of today’s electronic music scene and encapsulating some of the most memorable moments in time. A Memory Box party covers the history of electronic club music, hearing its origins from the legends and luminaries whilst exploring the influences the past has on today's music and how we shape the future

Memory Box creator Robin Ball says…“It’s been a fun 3 years with Memory Box. I’ve booked some true heroes of the electronic music scene; people who’ve shaped where the scene is today in all its multi genre’d wonder, and for the 3rd Birthday I’ve taken that concept up a level. Nightmares on Wax has been producing quality music since 1989 which is when I caught the acid warehouse bug. “Dextrous” was one of the first house records I bought and along with “Aftermath” was part of the first seven Warp Records releases that I think are some of the most important and best UK records in Electronic music. If that wasn’t enough he went on to release the “Smokers Delight” album in 1995 which is one of my favourite downtempo albums of all time.

I love Chicago House music - it’s extremely relevant today. You can hear its influence across the multitude of house music genres and beyond. 30 years ago Farley Jackmaster Funk brought the sound to the UK in a big way with “Love Can't Turn Around” so it’s fitting he represents. Plus, even more important to me is his DJ history. He started playing on Chicago’s legendary WBMX-FM radio in 1981 and has delivered a multitude of quality DJ mixes since. Helping break house music on the Chicago airwaves and then globally.

Farley Jackmaster Funk - Love Can’t Turn Around  <CLICK TITLE

Of course the most important part of Memory Box is the lovely following of nice open minded music lovers of all ages that come to the parties and help create the memories. Without them it would all be pointless!”

Tickets for the show are available right here on Ticket Tannoy. See below for further information…