Selecting and mixing records is a skill that we naturally hold in high regard. Studied, honed and perfected, it is an art form like any other. Technology advances in recent years have meant that the field of DJing has become swamped with mediocrity and people in it for the wrong reasons. Nowadays, slick PR companies can plaster over gapping chasms in ability, not just the odd crack.

Fortunately, the same can’t be said of the electronic live act. It’s truly a medium that keeps thrilling and inspiring in equal measure. Although overlap may exist in terms of sound, the two disciplines are very separate things. Performing your own music off the cuff, in front of an audience and on a never-ending configuration of software and hardware - the possibilities are endless. Today, more than ever before, both promoters and punters are showing a growing interest in live performance.

Here are several that have our attention coming-up in the next few months: 


Re-Textured festival is leading the way when it comes to the number of live acts on display. In the space of ten hours, it’s conceivable to catch any combination of British Murder Boys (the joint project from Surgeon and Regis), acid veteran Donato Dozzy - making his UK live debut and gnarly techno viking Rødhåd. Things don’t end there, as adding further mystique are a handful of live A/V performances which merge aural and visceral stimuli - think synced lighting, effects and illusions creating a dazzling, multi-sensory display. Actress and Afrodeutsche both have these special type of sets in store.

Aside from this tonne of live acts, Re-Textured attendees can also catch Atari Teenage Riot, Clark, Emptyset plus a hybrid DJ/live performance from Rebekah at the indoor festival, taking place at Tobacco Dock on Saturday 4th April.


A regular for the Afterlife party series, Vril is a German composer known for his eerie soundscapes. His loopy style of techno has found a home on some of the genre’s leading labels, including Dystopian and Giegling. Vril is part of a mega line-up at E1 in March, that sees him play next to Dax J and 999999999. The techno marathon takes place on Saturday 14th March.


Reinier Zonneveld is the Dutch mastermind behind the increasingly popular Filth On Acid label. Sitting somewhere between the sound of Drumcode and Monika Kruse’s Terminal M, Filth On Acid goes from strength to strength. At the same time, Zonneveld has been making quite the name for himself as a producer, as well as a label head. His 2019 Church of Clubmusic album covered all bases, while he is prolific on the singles front. Now finding himself working in the studio with the likes of Carl Cox and Christopher Coe, Zonneveld has toured his live show across Europe, playing at prestigious events such as Connect, Awakenings, ADE and Cercle. Finally, he’s bringing his live show to the UK, with a headline show at The Steelyard on Friday 28th February. Support comes from Vinicius Honorio.


Scottish-based fans don’t miss out, with everybody’s favourite dance music personality KiNK taking to the stage at Terminal V: New Horizon. The perma-smiling Bulgarian maverick line-up alongside Bonobo at the Outlier stage on Saturday 11th April. One of the most animated and enthusiastic performers in all of electronic music, Strahil Velchev will be scratching, twiddling, jumping and vaulting his way behind his beautiful hardwear inside Edinburgh’s Royal Highland Centre. Expect audience participation, not forgetting KiNK’s excellent back catalogue of music.

Tickets for all four shows are on sale now.

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