On Saturday 2nd December REZtron invites you to a night of silent disco retrotainment! They take over the penthouse suite of the luxury Chelsea Harbour Hotel. The venue offers panoramic views of London’s skyline. But that’s not even their biggest selling point. Oh no! Because this is a gamers paradise. Master System, MEGA Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast – they’re bringing all of your favourite retro SEGA consoles! As we look forward to the event, we countdown our favourite memories of gaming from yesteryear:

Written-Off Motorbikes

Road Rash was the motorbike racing game that kept us entertained for hours. Well, half-an-hour. -ish. At a push. And crashing was just too damn easy. But there was just something that appealed to our inner-child, when it flashed up on screen “your muffler has fallen off.” Then again, it was 1992. We were children.

Knuckle Duster!

When Knuckles first arrived on the scene in 1994’s Sonic The Hedgehog 3 he was a baddie doing the bidding of the evil Dr. Robonik. But such was his popularity that he returned later that same year as one of the good guys and a playable character to boot! Despite scepticism that the introduction of a new character was merely an attempt to inject fresh-life into a brand in its twilight, there’s no disputing the fact that Knuckles was cool. Like, super cool. Way cooler than Sonic. Sonic was sooooo 1993. And don’t even get us started on Tails. That said, we still have absolutely no idea what kind of animal he was meant to be. But he had spikes of his knuckles. Enough said.

Kung-Fu Calamity

There’s a reason Shinobi was as popular as it was, despite – on reflection – having a pretty dull premise. And it’s only partly due to it being one of a handful of titles given away with the console! The other reason being because it combined two of our favourite things: computer games and martial arts. Genius. And we didn’t have to take a karate chop (or get permission from our parents) Only really playable when we unlocked infinite shurikens, otherwise far too difficult for a child!


The battlelines were drawn. If you had a Nintendo, you were a Street Fighter. And if you had a SEGA, you were a Mortal Kombater. Street Fighter might’ve had Blanka. But Mortal Kombat had Goro – just sayin’!  It’s clear to us which was the superior game. And nobody cared that Sub-Zero and Scorpion were essentially the same character, just with different colour attire. But it wasn’t until we discovered the “animality” cheat codes that our interest really peaked. Gruesome. But, oh so satisfying. Whatever did happen to the ‘beat ‘em up’ format?

Jumpers For Goalposts

Kids these days will never know how good they have it with their FIFA ‘18s and their Pro-Evos. Back when I were a boy, we had Sensible Soccer. Even the title is horrible. Who wants to play a game that’s “sensible”??? To say the graphics were primitive and the controls unresponsive would be an understatement. The gameplay would’ve made match-mode on Football Manager look cutting-edge by comparison. As for the made-up names for the players? Laughable.

Early Bird tickets are on sale now.

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