Love it or hate it, Skream has traversed a wide variety of genres, from grime, dubstep, disco, house and most recently techno. His eclectic taste has seen him tour across the globe, acquiring fans with different tastes and different backgrounds.

Skream’s unpredictability has made him one of the most enticing DJs on the planet. You can never be 100 per cent sure what he will pull out of the bag, or what element of drama he’ll bring – take his notorious House of Vans Boiler Room, for example, where he ambushed the audience with House and Disco records before handing out the DJ equipment to fans and stage diving into the crowd.

Ultimately, one thing is guaranteed – Skream’s pure charismatic performances, connection with the crowd and knowledge of what journey to take them on is second to none. Always doing and playing exactly what he wanted to.

So here are fifty shades of Skream – well, just four… our favourite Skream mix tapes:


Stella Sessions

This podcast dates back to 2007. A dub infused bass heavy combination of dubstep and bass records, Stella Sessions became popular for experimenting with different and new underground sounds.


Disco Set for Judy

All killers, no fillers. This podcast was recorded for Fabric’s Saturday night manager and legend, Judy Griffith, in preparation for the club’s 14th Birthday. A smooth blend of disco and funk records.



Skream showcases his knowledge of acid house culture through this impeccable mix, recorded live from Tobacco Dock for Seth Troxler’s Acid Future.


Live @ Elrow Ibiza

Skream shows us his bangers!




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