It can be almost impossible to keep up with the wealth of new material coming through from what is arguably the most exciting movement seen in the UK since… well… the first time Grime happened. Light up, settle down and prepare for your mind to be blown by some of the realest bars around.


Capo Lee

Everyting MUD! Say no more. North London’s Capo Lee took up music eighteen months ago and seems to be a natural. His gift of delivering a solid hook marks him as looking likely for a more mainstream success. Mentored by D Double and with Sir Spyro on production, it can’t fail.


AJ Tracey

AJ has truly broken through this year, hailed by such mainstream titles as The Guardian, Fader, he claims to just want to buy a house and we don’t doubt he’s aiming big, bringing something novel to the table. “I’m so bored of this nostalgia,” he tells Dummy Magazine. “The new grime kids feel like they have to reference Dizzee or D Double, or spit on an old beat to get people to listen to them, and it’s boring.”



Short for You Get Grime, this South London trio have been recording since 2010 but emerged from internet radio stations like Radar Radio and live appearances at Eskimo Dance. Backed by AJ Tracey, Faze Miyake, Logan Sama and Slimzee, the vibe and flow between the three of them is thrilling.


Mic Righteous

Mic Righteous is on a roll right now and as an environmental activist, takes a rather different approach than your average MC. Hid debut album Dreamland is backed by Vivienne Westwood and The Climate Revolution packs no punches and aims to draw attention to environmental issues and support ideas around the green economy.



Not strictly a new name, but we can’t omit Nottingham’s Mez from this list. Watch the 1Xtra bars and understand why. Last year at juat 18, he won the station’s #Nextingrime title, and has recently been supporting Stormzy on tour. May he go from strength to strength.

Photo credit: AJ Tracey by Vicky Grout

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