Brought up on sound system culture and resourceful cross genre music, Night Slugs co-founders, L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok have fast risen to the top with their label, crew of artists following suit and individual sound, incorporating traditional dance aesthetic whilst pushing boundaries.

Night Slugs, formed in South London, 2008, heavily incorporates a variety of London’s emerging sounds, with traditional techno, entering new territories with their future-bound music policy. When the label first began, they hosted regular nights at the infamous Corsica Studios, a dark, dingy and intimate cub located south of the river. For those who got to witness the beginnings of Night Slugs and their sound, would all probably agree that something very special inaugurated at Corsica Studios. Originally just releasing the experimental sounds of label bosses Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990, the imprint has now seen releases from the likes of Mosca, Jam City, Girl Unit, Helix, Kingdom and Lil Silva, just to name a few. Now taking over America, their particular sound has ramped up huge support, across the UK, Europe and beyond.

Both completely committed to the Night Slugs aesthetic, Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990 have stuck true to their own individual sounds. L-Vis 1990 explores the harsher sounds of techno, whilst incorporating them with peculiar grooves. Bok Bok on the other hand experiments with huge modern synths and 80’s electro-funk samples making sure that his garage and grime influences resonate throughout. To Night Slugs, it’s not just all about the musical output that Night Slugs provide; they are trying to cement something unique and classless into underground culture. In conversation with DJ Mag, Bok Bok, AKA, Alex Sushion explained, “People talk about how there’s no underground anymore, but culture is still layered. I’m trying to think of things positively these days — I need to keep my head clear, and keep believing in what I’m doing, and in order to do that you need to put yourself in a bunker a little bit.”

Featuring some of our favourite extravagant bass heavy artists, here are our top 5 tracks, released through Night Slugs.


Jam City - Her

Not particularly the leading track on Jam City’s 2012 album, Classical Curves, however the driving punchy synth lines and rolling double kicks make this one of our top Night Slugs productions.



Bok Bok – MJT

One of the first tracks to be featured on the Night Slugs imprint, MJT is a perfect example of showing why Bok Bok is hailed for his impressive sample work.


L-Vis 1990 – Apple Bass

Another early release from the imprint, this time featuring head-honcho L-Vis 1990. When this one dropped it became pretty apparent that L-Vis 1990 had a big future ahead of him.



Girl Unit – Wut

Probably still the catchiest track on Night Slugs. Before main stream Trap music made its huge rise to the charts, becoming almost a parody of it’s roots, Girl Unit were experimenting with the broken hip hop sound and big booming bass kicks.


Bok Bok – Melbas Call

Melbas Csll still stands as Bok Bok’s most successful record to date. Featuring catchy, contemporary vocals from Kelela and once again incredible sampling, similar to what was displayed in MJT.



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