Hailing from Vancouver, the bustling city of culture and art, the cosmopolitan duo Pender Street Steppers have quickly become some of Canada's most sought after artists. Starting out 4 years ago, the driving heart of the Mood Hut label, Liam Butler and Jack Jutson, have developed a rolled- back, strolling house style embodying the environment they grew up in.

Since their breakout Life In The Zone album, the duo have consistently delivered mood altering, hazy creations. Openin’ Up propelled the Mood Hut label into uncharted waters on a global scale. With a global audience, quickly gathering fans demanded more of the unique choppy sounds and Mood Hut landed its first set on Boiler Room. Relaxed and sedative, their productions and groove bring together an image of silky, elegant and carefree days.

Here are 5 of Pender's best:

Pender Street Steppers – Openin' Up

The track’s fluttering vocal sounds and attention-grabbing percussion drums provide energy. Precarious snares with an unwinding slow groove rumbles into a soft melody of nostalgic rhythms, a perfect weekend treat.


Pender Street Steppers – Bubble world

With a chirpy breakbeat style giving an underwater effect, the creation draws hypnotising, vocal stabs married with distortion halfway through, giving a glimpse into the darker side of Mood Hut keep. A real delight!


Pender Street Steppers - M Flight

Zig-zagging bassline becomes the focal point early on. A real 80s feel with booming drums, intricate details are laid bare before dropping into a fine work of delicate snares and laid back vocal pads.


Pender Street Steppers – Temple Walk

Breezy samples and low to high chords create a perfect ambient match, whatever the mood and environment setting. A walk though echoing synths emanating typical Peruvian flute sounds gives the track a majestic feel.


Pender Street Steppers – Glass City


Created on easygoing piano chords and a slow house beat, the elements drawn together such as the noticeable chunky bassline, gives the track a real feeling of rawness.


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