Run straight out of Stockholm, Studio Barnhus was established as an active label back in 2010 by Kornél Kovács, Petter Nordkvist and Axel Boman. Together, they set up shop in the basement of an old stone building in central Stockholm, which they dubbed Studio Barnhus, working closely together in a refined environment, the label naturally began to take shape.

Since 2010 over 40 records, produced by the founding members as well as friends, internationally and domestically have made it out of the ‘Barnhusgatan basement’, touring the world in record bags of some of the worlds most notable deck smiths. Here are our top 5 releases on the label.


Kornél Kovács - Baby Step

The B-side on an epic compilation, which features all three of the label founders. A lo-fi authentic groove and intelligent sample working in harmony to provide a dance floor filler.


MLiR – People


A groove led bass line featuring dreamy soundscapes and guitars from MLiR, a Swedish musical collective fronted by Marco Gegenheimer and Einar Christoffersson.


Gino Bomino - For Sharon


A refreshing disco cut from Gino Bomino. Upbeat and constructed for to move the floor, ‘For Sharon’ was released on the first ever release from Studio Barnhus.


Shakarchi & Stranéus - Something...

A slightly more minimal take on things, Shakarchi & Stranéus’ ‘Something…’ focuses it’s attention on the bassy side of things.


Axel Boman - Modern Fluids

A jazzy, tech house cut, but not by any means cheesey. Modern Fluids is a bass lead, driving record. Modern Fluids also featured on the first ever releases from the Stockholm based label.

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