Floating Points has announced that his label Melodies International will re-issue the much sought after album Open Soul by Tomorrow’s People.

It’s the first time in 40 years that the favourite will be available – original band member Timothy Burton helped restore the album from the original pressings, which retail on Discogs for over £1000. Now the release will be available for just £20.

Out on January 27th, the reissue will be accompanied by Tomorrow's People memorabilia and an interview with one of the Burton brothers, who only ever recorded this one album.

Established in 2015 by Floating Points, Javybes, DJ Love on the Run and Mafalda, Melodies International is a dedicated reissue label whose aim is to share very special and relatively undiscovered sounds, bringing much loved but little known music to a wider audience.

Floating Points' internationally acclaimed ‘You’re A Melody’ parties have seen scores of DJs and dedicated dancers celebrate the sounds of modern soul, disco and boogie, long after the lights have come up. The label’s popular reissue last year of Aged In Harmony’s ‘You’re A Melody’ goes to show that soul fans will be primed and ready for this next drop.


Catch Floating Points play for The Hydra at Printworks on March 4.