“Producers hate me,” says Chris Liebing when talking about his live gigs. Why? Because he never sticks to their rules playing the track as it sounds originally. Instead, he adjusts it as he goes, making each set unique, in his tone of voice. Nevertheless, his long career of a talented DJ and renowned producer gives him all the rights to do so.

Chris started his DJing adventure in early 1990s in Giessen, Germany. Within four years, his music was slowly evolving from hip-hop like, electronic house to techno, which he fell in love with and remained faithful to up until today. The first big outcome of this relationship was Spinclub, the venue he launched in 1994.

The next milestone was achieved when he was asked to cover a friend in Omen club. The response to his outstanding performance was so good that it brought him a residency that lasted until the venue closed. Soon the temptation to producing got him and 1996 saw the launch of his first label – Audio. Before it closed in 1999, Chris released his breaking through tunes Audio 07 and Audio 11, receiving worldwide recognition.

Liebing was not waiting for long with launching another record label, and this one became a legendary output for world’s finest artists and grew a remix-exclusive branch CLRetry. Chris was frequently praised as best national DJ, best remixer and best producer in various rankings.



Since early 1995 he was regularly appearing on Ibiza’s line-ups, which led him to residencies with Cocoon and Carl Cox. Soon enough these achievements made him launch his own residency – Spinclub, which was particularly appealing to Ibiza’s radio stations and established Chris as a renowned broadcaster.

This multi-talented artist will give one of his unique performances at Tobacco Dock in March.

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