We caught up with London based underground house and techno party brand Friends Of Ours to find out what their essential deep house records are, ahead of their next show at Canavan’s Pool Club, Peckham with Aim Records’ Tristen on Saturdayy 23rd January.

Pepe Braddock - Deep Burnt <CLICK TITLE

The first person we heard play this was Jus-Ed, it’s a sublime piece of music you can imagine it playing on a sun-soaked beach in the afternoon. Equally it’s a great end of night track or at the point when you want to calm the madness to reset the vibe.

Moomin - Sweet Sweet <CLICK TITLE

Favourite track from one of our favourite artists. It’s so beautiful and dreamy which is in contrast to the at times quite driving percussion. Geeky fact alert, to our ears it sounds like a TR-707 kick, a lovely drum machine, we opted for the 909 in our studio because the 707 sounds were all PCM samples so we figured that we might as well just use samples for those but it would be nice to have both!

Theo Parrish - Sky Walking <CLICK TITLE

Nice bit from Theo Parrish on his own Sound Signature imprint. Lovely early doors number, encourages smiling and rhythmical movement :)

Palisade - Paradox <CLICK TITLE

Mark’s favourite from Dial offshoot Laid, he somehow ended up wit h a warped copy and has tried all those remedies you can find online, putting it between loads of books or other records, etc… Anyway it plays ok. Definitely a favourite down at Friends Of Ours, the sounds in this record are other-worldy, the kind that turn an audiences head inside-out whilst the shuffling percussion keeps them dancing.

Fred P - Come This Far (Fred P Reshape) <CLICK TITLE

Fred P doesn’t ‘re-mix’ tracks he ‘re-shapes’ them. Here he’s re-shaping his own track on his own Soul People Music record label and we’re sure you’ll agree it’s rather brilliant. Dead simple, the title piano bits come in and you’re floating on air.

Tickets for the next Friends Of Ours show at Canavan’s Pool Club, Peckham on Saturday 23rd January are available right here on Ticket Tannoy. See below for further information…