We caught up with London based, underground house and techno party brand Friends Of Ours to find out which five record labels they hold closest to their hearts, ahead of their next show at Canavan’s Pool Club, Peckham with special guest Jenifa Mayanja.


I first came across Smallville during a piss-takingly long lunch break listening to records at Phonica in Soho when really I should have been back at my desk cracking on with work. It was Moomin's 'Sweet Sweet', it has that dreamy warm, cloud like feel, typical of the label. We're both really big fans of the label so try to co-ordinate so we don't end up both buying the same record, although that doesn't always work. Mark spent a day digging through releases in the Paris branch of Smallville record shop with Jacques Bon who we ned to get down over to London soon to play at Friends Of Ours. We're completing our pilgrimage by visiting the Hamburg store in the new year. Here we've picked 'Black Ice' by Smallpeople who run the label, we absolutely love playing this out, it works so well.

Smallpeople - Black Ice <CLICK TITLE TO LISTEN

Voodoo Down Records

We've been admirers of the Brooklyn based Voodoo Down since their 2012 various artists EP which featured STL alongside 12x12, L'estasi Dell'oro and N'conduit who run the label. 'Kobayashi Maru' by 12x12 has been a staple of our sets for the last year and N'conduit's recent Pumps EP is a real treat. We've struck up a friendship with the guys and really pleased to say that they're releasing our debut solo EP very soon. This one here is a two tracker they put out earlier in the year, it's a collaboration with the awesome October who we'e also massive fans of.

October Vs. Voodoo Down - Las Modelos  <CLICK TITLE TO LISTEN


Jenifa Mayanja is an artist we've been into for a long time now, 'Dilemma' from 2007's Fragments EP on her own Bumako Recordings was the introduction which we've linked to here. Jen's own output on the label has been prolific and consistently great, you should also go check out the music from Alison Marks and Denis Clifford. We've been working on it for ages and have finally managed to get everything in place for Jenifa to come and DJ at Friends Of Ours on Saturday 21st November, we're very excited!

Jenifa Mayanja - Dilemma <CLICK TITLE TO LISTEN

It was the lead track on Kassem Mosse's Workshop 08 that switched us on to the label run by Lowtec. The great thing about Workshop releases is that as well as the tracks that work on a busy dance floor you also get the more ambient and downtempo music that sounds great at those sunny daytime events. Lowtec's own Workshop 20 has a track that changes tempo half way through which is a great bridger. Marcellis on Workshop 16 is a favourite and the various artist Workshop 21 switched us onto Manchester talent Willow who we're really keen to book soon. Here we've picked Magic Mountain High which is Move D and Juju & Jordash's improvisational live act on a release titled Workshop xx, it's the B2, slays the room everytime.

Magic Mountain High - B2 <CLICK TITLE TO LISTEN

Boe Recordings

Ben who runs the label is such a lovely bloke, a great DJ and he's curated a really enviable back catalogue both on Boe and the sub label For Those That Knoe. We always crack the joke that we have to play an Arnaldo track every time we do our radio show on Balamii and his playfully titles 'The Shop That Sells Everything But At Double The Price' on Boe's 'Halal Prepared' series is a right beauty. Go check out Leigh Dickson on For Those That Knoe and Ben's own 'Atomic Fuzz' from earlier this year is a pice of sublime breakbeat.

Arnaldo - A Shop That Sells Everything But At Double The Price

Tickets for the next Friends Of Ours show at Canavan’s Pool Club, Peckham with special guest Jenifa Mayanja are available right here on Ticket Tannoy. See below for further details…