In 2016 they were the new kids on the block. Upstarts. Anarchists, maybe even? But in 2017 they emerged as a genuine force to be reckoned with. No longer confined to geeks on online forums, Lo-Fi house was a wave of counter-culture that swept through the electronic music landscape. Previous critics had no choice but to take notice. Most surprisingly, it would now appear that the movements architects have successfully made the leap from YouTube sensations to club headliners. Seemingly overnight their influence has skyrocketed, and their names now share the same flyer as more – dare we say – “traditional” acts.

Typified by heavy distortion and production methods which shrug a polished feel, its surge in popularity has been curious to say the least. If we had to use untechnical vocabulary, fuzzy is probably apt (and non-technical is certainly where we’re at!) It’s almost as is its imperfect tendencies are at the heart of its attraction.

Whether you want to accept it or not, Lo-Fi heads into 2018 firing on all cylinders. Whether it can maintain this momentum remains to be seen. Will its biggest exponents jump-ship now they’ve reached a level of exposure sufficient enough to build a career on? Time will tell.

If you’re still as clueless as you were when you started reading this article, then the following will help you identify the phenomena known as Lo-Fi.


Mall Grab – ‘Can’t (Get You Out Of My Mind)’


DJ Seinfeld – ‘U’ – Lobster Fury


Ross From Friends – ‘Talk To Me You’ll Understand’ – Distant Hawaii


Palms Trax – ‘Equation’ – Lobster Theremin


DJ Boring – ‘Winona’ – E-Beamz


DJ Boring headlines Patterns, Brighton on Saturday 20th January 2018.

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