Perhaps an even bigger surprise than the fact that prominent grime artist JME sat down for a chat with a politician this weekend, is that said politician, Jeremy Corbyn, actually has a Snapchat account.

The pair teamed up in a north London café to talk politics ahead of June’s general election, to urge young people to register to vote, recording “snaps” as well as a longer video for i-D magazine.

In the video, JME questioned the Labour leader on some of his policies, explaining that he has never before voted. Corbyn addressed student debt, the housing crisis, social cleansing and homelessness. This week the Grime For Corbyn campaign named Corbyn as a Boy Better Know member on Wikipedia, whilst the hash tag #grime3corbyn was a top trending tag on Twitter this Wednesday.

JME isn’t alone - the likes of Stormzy, Novelist and Akala have also shown support on social media for the Labour party. AJ Tracey tweeted ‘If you’re a real g vote Labour’, and Toddla T posted a picture of Corbyn on the mic at his Notting Hill Carnival street party.

Although a surge in votes from young people could offer a boost to Labour’s election prospects, JME suggested that people do their own research to become informed.

Corbyn’s leadership has seen a wave of student support for Labour, which has increased from 23% in 2005 to 55% in 2017 according to polls, perhaps due to pledges to abolish University tuition fees, bring back student bursaries and ban unpaid internships, as well as promising to provide extra funding for mental health services, cap rising rent prices and restore housing benefits to the under-22’s.

Registering to vote takes five minutes, the deadline to register is May 22.

You can do it here: https://www.gov.uk/register-to- vote


JME performs at Afropunk at Printworks on July 22