A fully-fledged child of the UKG generation, Hannah Wants continues to pulsate UK crowds with her distinct brand of bass-driven, big room house. In truth, her energetic sets span everything from DNB to techno. Nothing is off bounds. No stones are left unturned. If it’s got some ooomph, some attitude, then it’s in! We were fortunate enough to catch her the last time she played in London. And the kind folk at Relentless were good enough to capture the full set, which you can watch (or relive!) below.


In the studio, she’s formed a formidable partnership with fellow Brummie, Chris Lorenzo. As far as accolades go, she’s been honoured as a breakthrough by just about every credible dance music publication going. And away from music she even had a promising young career ahead of her as a footballer for Aston Villa’s women’s team – before she jacked it all in to chase her dream.

If we put the thorny issue of Mercy/Found the Ground to bed, it’s clear to us that Hannah Wants is an icon of femininity fit for the modern era. Her legion of fans literally hang on the next instalment of her bi-monthly online mix series dropping. And what a fanbase it is! Her devout followers travel the length and breadth of the country to see her perform.

From humble beginnings in Birmingham - and despite her superstar status and growing reputation – she remains grounded. And always willing to give something back. A seemingly endless pursuit of uncovering and supporting new talent, having won several notable DJ competitions herself she is now offering the same opportunity to would-be DJs. It’s little wonder than the girl born Hannah Alicia Smith resonates so much with her public.

On Saturday 24th March, Hannah returns to London to takeover The Box at Ministry of Sound as part of her countrywide PLAY> tour. Early bird tickets are on sale now, priced only £14 +BF. Sticking to her core principles, the night promises to be raw and authentic with a cross of fresh-faces and established talent.

The next mixtape – 0118 – isn’t set to land until January. So until then, settle-in and enjoy her last instalment below:

Limited Early Bird tickets on sale now.

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