Picking a summer music spot can be an arduous pursuit. While many go for wind-swept beaches and scenic sun, why not pick the festival built on bringing together an abundance of culture, art, history and heritage from around the world – Melt! This year the city of Ferropolis celebrates the festivals 20th exhibition. With a variety of top names including Ame b2b Rodhad, Daniel Avery, Die Antwood, Marcel Dettmann, Recondite (LIVE), Julia Govor, Volvox and more, let our how to 'do' Melt! tips guide the way.



Melt!'s central location in the south-west German state of Saxonoy-Anhalt makes travel arrangements something of a breeze.

Flying into central Germany is the easiest option. Berlin-Tegel and Berlin- Schönefeld Airport are the closest airports to the festival, with Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) and Schönefeld supplying direct shuttle buses to the festival grounds.

Railway stations in the city of Dessau, Gräfenhainichen and Wittenberg, all within a 30km radius, will take partygoers directly into the festival grounds via buses too.

Travelling from Berlin via car isn't too much of a problem. It's around 138 km (85 miles) and easily accessible via road and rail networks. Use the Dessau Ost exit when driving on the A9 highway and Ferropolis is signposted from there.

You can also take the legendary Mixery hotel train. This party train takes festival attendees from Cologne, Dusseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Dortmund, Minden and Lehrte straight to Ferroplolis whilst offering all the advantages of the camping plus area, free sanitary facilities and easier entry to the site during the festival.



The team behind Melt have an extensive hospitality set-up carefully curated to ensure your stay is as enjoyable as possible. From camping to catching zeds in a portable train, whatever your budget there's accommodation for everyone at Melt! Festival.

All Camping on the North and South premises is included in the festival ticket. Melt advises the Camping Plus offer – separate, free sanitary facilities, camping next to your car.

Three or more star hotels in the nearby town of Wittenberg start from 130euros for three nights. A convenient bus shuttle runs from and to the festival into the town where local shops, bars and restaurants can be found.


Extended Stays

If you’re planning on making an extended stay beyond the festival, why not head back to Berlin? Summer is by far the best time to visit the German capital when the cities residents take full advantage of the decent weather to hit the streets, visit the lakes and rivers and take part in a huge variety of ongoing events.

The cities main cultural and historic viewing sites are located in the area of Mitte. From Museum Island and the Reichstag to Checkpoint Charlie and the Jewish Museum, however, local surrounding neighbourhoods such as Kreuzberg, Wedding and Prenzlauer Berg have plenty to offer.

Kreuzberg is where you will find the majority of the cities nightclubs, such as the notorious Berghain, Watergate, Chalet, Club Der Visionare and Suicide Circus, it’s also where the majority of record shops, independent bars and restaurants can be found.

For those of you visiting Melt, electronic music in Berlin is unavoidable, as it homes some of the worlds best clubs. Berlin’s nighttime economy is easily the most efficient in Europe, taking everything that’s great about club culture and turning it into a lifestyle. Check out our top 5 clubs to visit whilst in Berlin here.





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