iCan Studios will hold host to Pan-Pot’s next London show, and with Yaya and BEC just confirmed this is looking like one hell of a prospect for lovers of groovy techno- with that added bit of punch we know you’re after.

iCan Studios offers a large rectangle shaped main room with sloped ceiling and corrugated metal roof work, and plain white walls making it an ideal location for specifically tailored staging and lights. On top of that the main room has a viewing platform/ balcony on the top, which can comfortably accommodate 50+ partygoers whilst having a great view of the floor below.

You can be sure that the combination of bringing in a wholesome sound system, intelligent lighting and more will be the perfect complement to the sublime sounds of Pan-Pot & their special guests. Doubling up as a church, a photographic studio and more; this versatile medium sized warehouse space always creates a fun, and inviting atmosphere for electronic music events.